Coaching / Coaching

Imagine your life is a movie and you are directing it.
What would you do?
(Kelly Slater)

Collaborating with artists and fellow photographers is something I enjoy.

Which is why I offer individual support to interested talents in the fields
of commercial photography and fine art through live seminars and lectures,
as well as coaching, mentoring or portfolio reviews.

Whether it’s a one-off session or a longer-term consultation, how we talk is
up to you. You can reach me via telephone, FaceTime, online or in person.

Interested? Here are a few questions you could ask yourself.
What are my dreams?
Am I really living up to my potential?
Am I regularly investing in myself and my career?
Are there any obstacles in my career, that I could use help with?
Do I take enough time off ?
Do I really want new impulses and real change?
Do I want a personal trainer/coach?
Do I simply need some input on my portfolio?
Or do I just need a neutral look at my portfolio?

Let's take a look at your future together.
You can reach/text me at +49 172 732 26 09 or